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Lecture 7: Robot Kinematics and Control – 10/27 5pm CH313B

Lecture location this week:  Clement Hall 313-B

This week’s lecture will be a little different.  Dr. Canfield will be covering robot kinematics and control.  In short, kinematics is characterizing how the robot moves.  Each robotic platform has differing movement patterns (e.g. traditional car steering versus skid-steering).  During this lecture, we will be in the computer lab CH313B.  Dr. Canfield will be walking us through how to simulate the kinematics and some control.

Lecture notes:  mobile-robot-kinematics


Lecture 6: Building Reliable Power Systems – 10/20 5pm BN241

Marbin will present on power distribution next in the lecture series.  He will cover the basics of power distribution, why we need it, what problems can arise, and how to fix those problems.  The current power layout for the TechBot will also be discussed.


Lecture 5: Low-Level Control – 10/6 5pm BN241

Low-level control essentially takes the directions and speeds from the high-level control (navigation) and converts it to voltages to power the drive motors.  We will cover open/closed loop methods, error correction algorithms, and discuss our approach for TechBot as well as some information on the MiniAndros.