CyberEagles – W is Tennessee Tech’s student chapter of Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS), an organization dedicated to bringing women in Cybersecurity together for professional development, technical skill training, and scholarship opportunities nationwide. We strive to address the problem of advancing and retaining women in STEM, with emphasis on Cybersecurity. Our club will meet once a month this semester to discuss various Cyber-related topics in addition to the bi-weekly meeting of the general CyberEagles club. All majors are welcome!


Please, join us for a meeting this semester!

*Members who attend all three meetings this semester will receive a ‘Grand Prize’ at the end of the semester and be invited to a movie night during Dead Week!*


Spring 2019 Meetings:

Dinner and Information Session, Thursday, 2/14, 5-7 pm

  1. Guest Speaker – Tennessee Tech’s Provost Lori Bruce
  2. Cyber Corps Scholarship for Service Presentation

Dinner and Workshop, Thursday, 3/14, 5-7 pm

  1. CyberSeek Career Search and Discussion
  2. CTF Session – Capture The Flag Competition Practice!

Dinner and Workshop, Tuesday, 4/16, 5-7 pm

  1. WiCyS Conference Presentation
  2. Python Coding Skill Session

Movie Celebration, DEAD WEEK, Time/ Location TBD

  1. Grand Prize Celebration

For questions, please contact:

    1. Susan Jeziorowski – President,
    2. Julianne Cox – Vice President,