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Protected: Version control

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Protected: Virtual systems and networks with VirtualBox

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Nagios check_smb and Windows Server 2008R2

We’re in the midst of upgrading our Windows Server 2003 servers to 2008R2. Three down, one to go. We noticed that the 2008R2 servers threw errors back to Nagios that the 2003 servers never exhibited. Lots of: CRITICAL SMB anon access: Domain=[CAE] OS=[Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 7600] Server=[Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 6.1] errors. […]

Stupid Puppet Trick: Identifying Groups of Hosts

My Ruby skills are practically non-existant, but I’ve managed to put together a relatively readable custom fact for identifying my Torque queues by a node’s hostname. Behold, HostgroupFact! Now I can factor out my hosts.equiv files back to a parent class, rather than duplicating the same file specifications on a per-queue basis. class cluster-host inherits […]

Stupid Puppet Trick: Poor Man’s Undo

If I apply a set of classes to a puppet client, I may need to roll back those classes’ changes later. Granted, I could just edit out those classes, reformat the system, and rebuild it from scratch, but there may be times when I want to undo my changes in a more granular fashion. So […]