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One More Update to the Door Sign Javascript

One more set of bug fixes for this original post. Sometime early this week, Twitter broke some redirection I had been relying on. That is, if I was on my phone, URLs on automatically redirected to and kept all my parameters for status and such. had no problem handling the request if […]

Updated HTML and Python code for Tweetable Office Door Sign

See the original post for the basic information. This post exists only to highlight a few bug fixes. Since running with my sign for a few days, the main bug I’ve run into is that Twitter doesn’t let you post identical status messages over a short period of time. One recommended fix is to append […]

Grabbing Stills and Making FLV Movies from Axis IP Cameras

About a week and a half ago, I was reminded of a long-dormant project to archive still images from an Axis IP camera. I started this up a few years ago as a favor to a coworker, but it never really got finished. Previously, it was a pretty simple cron job that would just authenticate […]