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Wordle: So Much Awesome

Wordle generates “word clouds” from any random text provided to it. Something like a tag cloud, but for body text rather than categories or tags. The poetry-derived ones are cool, but the one generated from this blog’s RSS feed is cool, too:

Transforming Research Computing Practices in TTU’s College of Engineering

I have a cunning plan to promote some better (in my opinion) practices for research computing in TTU’s College of Engineering over the next year or two. This plan is partially derived from things I’ve already been trying to promote, and some other goals laid out by the Python Software Carpentry folks. I’d define success […]

Why Should I Fill Out a Contact Form to Download FlexLM Utilities?

So some years ago, Macrovision buys FlexLM, and a few months ago, spins it off into Acresso Software. And now I’m ready to start using Cacti to monitor FlexLM license usage, but I need Linux versions of lmutil and related utilities. I could just pull them from a package that uses FlexLM, but I don’t […]

Getting an email list for your class from Web For Faculty

For all the improvements Web For Faculty/Advisors may have over the old SIS system, it sure doesn’t make it easy to generate an email list from your class roll. I can see who’s in my class, click on a flagrant abuse of the HTML select element to see their permanent address, phone numbers, off-campus email […]

It’s PowerPoint Tips Time

I’ll dig up some of my older references later, but all these showed up on my radar in the last few days. I’ll want to refer back to these next summer when we have more NSF REU students here that need presentation pointers: Stop Death By PowerPoint Everything I Know About Presentations, I Learned in […]