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Dear COE Faculty, Staff, and Student Leadership,

During the months of February, March, and April we had our own version of “March Madness” at the TTU College of Engineering.    We began our campus conversations about our future and what it will take to get us there.  Student leadership, faculty, staff, TTU University administration, alumni, business partners, and other engineering schools were invited to participate in individual interviews and focus groups to share views on this topic.  The sessions were stimulating, engaging close to 200 individuals, and have provided information critical to our College of Engineering Strategic Planning process.  I thank those who have participated thus far.

This site contains the members of the steering committee and strategic directioning team (“Schedule” Tab at the top of the site).  Furthermore, the DRAFT vision statement, mission statement, tag line, core areas, focus areas, goals and strategies are included on the web site. We invite your comments and feedback as we progress.

In May and June, we will again ask for your input into the Strategic Plan. I will invite all of you to provide feedback to the Focus Areas, Goals and Strategies that have emerged from the focus groups and individual interviews.  We will provide the plan for you to review, the process for feedback, and the feedback dates in May and June.  At that time we will explain next steps, and provide a forum where we can respond to your questions.

I look forward to your continued participation in this process.

Joe Rencis

Dean of Engineering


The attached file details the February 10th meeting minutes from the Strategic Directioning Committee. Please post any comments that will help working groups collect their data or if something has been missed – Directioning Team Group Memory, Feb 10.

The Strategic Directioning Committee met for the first time on Friday, February 10th, 2012 with the following accomplishments:

  • A “Situation Analysis” of factors affecting Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats (SWOT)  for the College of Engineering (COE)
  • Create a shared understanding of the COE strategic planning process and planning expectations
  • Review Dean Rencis’ Vision for the COE (See “Vision” page on this blog)
  • Established data collection assignments: Quantitative, Qualitative, Communications, Best Practices, and Scenario Planning

Individual data assignment teams have separate pages on the blog to allow for continuous updates with the next meeting of the Steering & Directioning Committees set for March 12 – 15th, 2012.

The College of Engineering is the flagship for Tennessee Tech University and we are designing the “Path Forward Toward Achieving Excellence” for our future. We envision the College as the institution that will “Graduate innovative leaders who can solve the technological and social challenges of the 21st century.” We will graduate innovators who can make a positive difference in the world!

A comprehensive planning process will culminate in a 5 year plan for the College of Engineering and will include stakeholders working with the College and University Faculty and Staff on charting a course to ensure the highest and best use of the educational system while supporting and enhancing stakeholder’s missions, goals and objectives.