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OCR of scanned pages on Ubuntu 10.04

Just for future reference: Scan images at 300 dpi (might be able to make this work at a lower resolution, but this is fine). For one sample page, this resulted in a 2348×3129 pixel image where each baseline height was around 50 pixels, and capital letters had a height around 30 pixels. Install ocropus 0.3.1-2 […]

Client OS Update

(Original post here.) For the moment, I’m working on Debian GNU/Linux. Everything bought new (since sometime last fall) has the current stable release (4.0r0, or “etch”) installed, and everything older has the previous stable release (3.1r6, or “sarge”). Assuming that I keep apt sources for both the primary Debian archives and their security updates, the […]

The Beginnings of Infrastructure Management

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