Sep 22 2017

DSSL Presents at 2017 ASME SMASIS Conference

Anton Safaei SMASIS 2017DSSL presents two technical papers and one technical presentation at the 2017 ASME Smart Materials Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems conference held September 18-20, 2017 in Snowbird, UT. Both Dr. Anton and Mohsen Safaei were in attendance.

  • Safaei, M. and Anton, S. R., Experimental Evaluation of Sensing and Energy Harvesting Behavior of Implanted Piezoelectric Transducers in Total Knee Replacement, Proc. ASME SMASIS, 2017, SMASIS2017-3881 (8 pp.)
  • Ponder, R. I., Safaei, M., and Anton, S. R., Development of Surrogate Biomedical Knee Implants for Validation of Embedded Smart Sensors, Proc. ASME SMASIS, 2017, SMASIS2017-3879 (7 pp.)
  • Ehite, E. H., Kettle, R. A., and Anton, S. R., Investigation of Various Excitation Signals for Real-Time Impedance Structural Health Monitoring, ASME SMASIS Conference, Snowbird, UT, September 19, 2017, SMASIS2017-3902