Steven R. Anton


Steven R. Anton, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Tennessee Tech University
Brown Hall 328
Cookeville, TN 38505-0001
Phone: (931) 372-3287
Fax: (931) 372-6340

Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Dr. Steven R. Anton is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Tennessee Tech University.  He is the director of the Dynamic and Smart Systems Laboratory.

Prior to joining Tennessee Tech, Steve served as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Engineering Institute at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  While at LANL, his research focused on multisource energy harvesting with field testing of wind turbine blades, and piezoelectret foam transduction and harvesting.

Steve received his Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering under the advisement of Dr. Daniel J. Inman at the Center for Intelligent Material Systems and Structures (CIMSS) at Virginia Tech in 2008 and 2011, respectively.  His Ph.D. research focused on multi-functional piezoelectric energy harvesting with an emphasis on unmanned aerial vehicles.  His Master’s research involved instantaneous (baseline-free) Lamb wave-based Structural Health Monitoring (SHM).  Prior to his graduate studies at Virginia Tech, Steve attended Michigan Tech where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Steve’s research interests include multifunctional and multisource energy harvesting using various transduction mechanisms, self-powered biomedical sensing, structural health monitoring and damage detection, vibrations, structural dynamics, modal analysis and acoustics.  His work in energy harvesting aims to create autonomous power supplies for low-power electronic devices, such as wireless sensors and embedded biomedical devices, by scavenging ambient energy surrounding the device.