Joseph J. Biernacki

Tennessee Tech University

About our research projects…

Production and characterization of Biomass Micro-spheres

Development and scaling the production of biomass micro-spheres

X-ray micro-tomography of biomass micro-spheres

Pyrolysis Process Design

Modeling the Kinetics of Biomass Pyrolysis

Molecular-scale modeling of biomass pyrolysis – determination of transition states and kinetic parameters

Micro-scale modeling of biomass pyrolysis

Macro-scale modeling of biomass pyrolysis

Pyrolysis Reactor Kinetics

Effect of the gycosidic bond on thermal stability of disaccharides

Thermal characteristics of biomass micro-shperes

Fast pyrolysis of biomass microspheres

Socio-economic Considerations of Biomass Pyrolysis in Rural Agrarian Communities in the Upper Cumberland of Tennessee

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