Joseph J. Biernacki

Tennessee Tech University

CAMD team

The Faculty…

Dr. Joseph J. Biernacki (Chemical Engineering, Tennessee Tech University (TTU)) – Dr. Biernacki is PI of the TTU grant.  He is responsible for overall coordination of grant activities.  Biernacki’s research contribution is in the area of experimental kinetics and multi-scale modeling.

Dr. Donald P. Visco (Chemical Engineering, University of Akron) – Dr. Visco leads the computational effort.

Dr. Hamed Kayello (Chemical Engineering Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Akron) – Dr. Kayello is lead researcher on computational and experimental methodologies and I-Corp entrepreneurial lead.

Our Students…

Ojas Chaudhari (PhD Student, Chemical Engineering, TTU) – Ojas is a PhD student who is combining experimental and molecular-scale computational techniques to discern the mechanism of interaction for organic molecules used as admixtures in portland cement.

Natalia Shlonimskaya (MS Student, Chemical Engineering, TTU) – Natalia is a second year Master’s student working on experimental validation of computer designed shrinkage reducing admixtures.

Undergraduate REU/VRE Students Summer 2014

Will Caruthers (TTU) – Will is an undergraduate Chemical Engineering senior at Tennessee Tech University and NSF VRE student working on a prototype scale demonstration of a shrinkage reducing admixture.

Ben McComb (TTU) – Ben McComb is an undergraduate chemical engineering student at Tennessee Tech currently participating in an REU where he is working on the the stability of organic compounds in alkaline solutions.

Mariah Martinez (TTU) – Mariah Martinez is an undergraduate chemical engineering junior and Tennessee Tech University and working on how some organics inhibit the hydration of tricalcium silicate in the setting of concrete.

The 2014 Summer research team:


From left to right: Will; Mariah; Ben; Ojas; Natalia and Dr. Biernacki.



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