Joseph J. Biernacki

Tennessee Tech University

The Southern Grassroots Biofuels Project

About the Southern Grassroots Biofuels Project:

The Southern Grassroots Biofuels Project (SGBP) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded outreach initiative hosted by Tennessee Technological University (TTU) and the TTU Center for Manufacturing Research (CMR).  This initiative endeavors to establish a conversation with regional farmers, soil conservationists and stakeholders in the agricultural resources in Tennessee.  A sub-task of a larger NSF project, the SGBP has already engaged numerous interested parties in a survey and focus group forums and has summarized a portion of those findings, now published, see The Southern Grassroots Biofuels Project.

This website summarizes the activities of the SGBP.  We hope you find it helpful.

Our team includes:

Joseph J. Biernacki – Principle Investigator and Professor of Chemical Engineering at TTU

Lachelle Norris – co-Principle Investigator and Professor of Sociology at TTU

Scott Northrup – co-Principle Investigator and Professor of Chemistry at TTU

The SGBP Workshop – August 4, 2016:

A one-day activity expressly designed to share information about emerging technologies of interest to regional farming communities.  For more information please see the SGBP Workshop website.