The workshop proceedings are being considered for publication by Cemnt and Concrete Research.  Here are the paper authors, titles and status thus far:

Bullard, J. W., H. M. Jennings, R. A. Livingston, A. Nonat, G. W. Scherer, J. S. Schweitzer and K. L. Scrivener (2010), Mechanisms of Cement Hydration at Early Ages, Cem. Concr. Res., submitted.

Cheung, J., L. Roberts, A. Jeknavorian and D. Silva (2010), The Impact of Admixtures on Hydration Kinetics, Cem. Concr. Res., submitted.

Luttge, A. (2010), Experimental Methodologies for Investigating Cement Hydration Kinetics, Cem. Concr. Res. Cem. Concr. Res., in preparation.

Juenger, M., F. Winnefeld, J. Provis and J. Ideker (2010), Advances in Alternative Cementitious Binders, Cem. Concr. Res., submitted.

Scrivener K., and B. Lothenbach (2010), The Effect of Supplemental Cementitious Materials on Hydration Kinetics, Cem. Concr. Res., in preparation.

Thomas, J. J., J. J. Biernacki, J. W. Bullard, S. Bishnoi, J. S. Dolado, G. W. Scherer and A. Luttge (2010), Modeling and Simulation of Cement Hydration and Microstructure Development, Cem. Concr. Res., submitted.

Xie T., and J. J. Biernacki (2010), The Origin and Evolution of Cement Hydration Models, Comp. Concr., submitted.

Author Guidelines Cement and Concrete Research

After considerable discussion among members of the workshop Steering Committee, we have agreed to publish the proceedings after the workshop.  Rather than require individual papers prior to the workshop, we have chosen to require teams of individuals to jointly write papers on focused topics.  In general, teams will be defined by the panelists of the Topical Sessions and topics will similarly defined.  A nominal schedule for publication is yet to be agreed upon and posted.

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