4 Session Topic – Admixture Interactions

Moderator: Daniel Constantiner

2 Responses to “4 Session Topic – Admixture Interactions”

  1. Here are two items that we should address during our discussion:

    – How far are we from being able to model the effects of this particular admixture chemistry with cement?

    – What experimental information/scheme would help close the knowledge gap?

  2. Here are some questions that I think will be important to bridge the knowledge gap to build a model:

    1) How do chemicals impact Al-SO4 balance?
    2) Which model can simulate undersulfated cement hydration? Can the models also simulate or predict impact of admixtures?
    3) What is the impact of dosage rates?
    4) What is the impact of chemicals on cement with finenesses?
    5) What is the impact of chemicals on the different cement phases ortho-C3A vs. cubic-C3A
    different alite phases (monoclinic vs. triclinic and others)
    6) What is the impact of interstitial phase hydration, including the ferrite phases, affect the silicate phase hydration?
    7) Need data on realistic dosage rates. Most literature focused at over-dosed ranges.

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