We leverage ourselves utilizing industry standard defense techniques and tools while analyzing real-world scenarios. The interest group collectively work together to build the foundation of defense skills-sets by incorporating NIST framework and Saltzer & Schroeder’s security principles. Meeting schedules for Spring -2019 is given below.

defense schedule

Link to join: CIG Defense



The offense group will be traning mentors for the future this semester. The meetings are open to all. This semester is all about learning independently and making labs / workshops for the OCIG group next semester. The group will meet every Wednesday from 3pm to 6pm in Prescott – 411. We will also meet on Saturdays to peer review the labs that others have created.  The time for Saturday’s meetings is 10:00 – 4:00 and the dates are:






Link to join: CIG Offense



Our CTF meetings will be held every other Monday (beginning with February 4th) at 5pm in PRSC411. These are administrative meetings where we will discuss expectations and upcoming events. There will be competitions announced at these meetings and on Discord that lie outside of that scheduled time

Link to join: CIG CTF



Club Activities for Spring- 2019


February 7th Defense Cyber Interest Group Activity
February 14th CyberEagles W – Dinner and Information Session

February 21st

Speaker –  Casey Bowman from Deloitte

March 14th Studetn Speaker – Ledbetter, Wehunt, Shivers – “Application of Block Chain Technology in Solving Real World Security Problems”


CyberEagles W – Dinner and Workshop

March 21st

CCIG – National Cyber League

April 4th

CCDC Debrief

April 16th CyberEagles W – Dinner and Workshop

     April 18th

Speaker – Paul Connelly, CISO of HCA