We leverage ourselves utilizing industry standard defense techniques and tools while analyzing real-world scenarios. The interest group collectively work together to build the foundation of defense skills-sets by incorporating NIST framework and Saltzer & Schroeder’s security principles. Meeting schedules for Spring-2020 is every Tuesday from 6 – 8pm in Prescott 411. These meetings will start from January 28th.

The defense team will also have competition practices every Saturday from 10am – 2pm in Prescott 411 which will start from January 25th.


Link to join: CIG Defense



The group will meet every Wednesday  at 6pm in Prescott Р411.

Link to join: CIG Offense



Our CTF meetings will be held every other Tuesdays (beginning with February 4th) at 6pm – 8pm in PRSC 411. These are administrative meetings where we will discuss expectations and upcoming events. There will be competitions announced at these meetings and on Discord that lie outside of that scheduled time

Link to join: CIG CTF



Club Activities for Spring – 2020


Jan 28th CyberEagles Meeting
Feb 11th CyberEagles Meeting
Feb 25h CyberEagles Meeting

Mar 10th

CyberEagles Meeting

Mar 24th CyberEagles Meeting

Apr 7th

CyberEagles Meeting

Apr 21st

CyberEagles Meeting