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Reverse Shell

If you find a command execution vulnerability, check out this post and you can use one of the reverse shell scripts to open a shell to exploit the system:

“Cyber security: The new arms race for a new front line” (The Christian Science Monitor)

An interesting article about the cyber security as a number one priority in future (because of possible hacking attacks on military, medical, and power grid spheres). The US military recruits young “hackers” from high school, trying to fill the gap and flush young minds into a challenging cyber security world. Read here.

Cyber experts agree that networking is key

Cyber security experts believe that there have been evolving more and more jobs in cyber security area. “Education, job satisfactory, and diversity are the best lines of defense.” Full article is available here: Cyber experts about the future.

Exploiting Stripe CTF vulnerabilities in detail

This particular Capture all flags competition was mainly focused on exploiting different web-based vulnerabilities. So, that is a really interesting, step-by-step report about all challenges and solutions presented on this event.

And, of course, here are the source codes of all challenges: Challenge me.

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