Who are we?

We are a collaboration of energetic students and faculty involving in learning and applying both cyber defense and attack techniques for addressing cyber security problems. Do you want have fun? Do you like computers and stuff like that? Join us!

I am not an IT student, I have no clue about cyber security, defense, attacks… What is that?! But I like computers, can I still join if I am eager to learn?

Yes, you can! Please, go to contacts and send a message to any person from the list.

If I am NOT  “geeky” or “nerd” or  “introvert” or “Trekkie” or “male”, can I still join the club?

YOU are MOST WELCOME. We need YOU in our club to break this stereotype. If you ARE any/ALL of these, we still need you. A DIVERSE group is what we are looking for.

Would this be fun?

It will be, if you are in it!

I am not thinking of career in security. Is this for me then?

If you think of it, security is cross cutting in all computing/technology. So, security consciousness can only help.

Who can become members?

Any TTU student (in relevant fields) who loves to learn new things (and hopefully have fun learning).
Any TTU student (in relevant fields) who loves to network (with peers and professionals).

Can I leave the club, if I don’t like it.

Any time!!

In professional development sessions, who is going to teach?

No one. It is a self-learning environment where friends will teach friends. There will be guidance from mentors (seniors and professionals).