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Capture the flag (CTF) Workshop

CTF Cyber Interest Group will be launching a new challenge series for everyone to learn more about capture the flag. This is an opportunity to gain experience and add to your knowledge about CTF. Join us for free Pizza and Drinks.CCIG

CyberEagles-W Workshop with Jimmy Johns

Join CyberEagles-W for Jimmy Johns and a workshop! Learn what Cyber career might be right for you and try your CTF skills at our next meeting Thursday, March 14th @ 5:00 in Prescott 225.


Application of Block Chain in Solving Real World Security Problems

In our next meeting, some of our cyber students will be presenting their work on using Block Chain technology to solve real world security problems. Come join us to learn more about Block Chain in security. Pizza and Drinks will  provided. blockchain

CyberEagles Alumni Talk – Casey Bowman

We are going to have one of our own, Casey Bowman, to give a talk on cybersecurity in our next meeting. Join us on 21st February, this Thursday at 11:00 in Prescott-215.  Pizza and Drinks will be there as always.casey

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