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Lecture 4: Robotics with Canfield – 9/29 5pm BN241

Dr. Canfield is going to present some more in-depth topics concerning robotics.  He has been doing robotic projects for quite some time and has a lot of great insight.  Hope to see you there.


Lecture 3: Robotics Programming with Python – 9/22 5pm BN241

Our next lecture is tentatively scheduled to be over low-level control, but may be pushed back for other lecture needs.  Low-level control essentially takes the directions and speeds from the high-level control (navigation) and converts it to voltages to power the drive motors.  We will cover open/closed loop methods, error correction algorithms, and discuss our approach for TechBot.

We’ve decided to change the presentation order to something a bit more timelier.  This coming monday Ben Eckarkt will teach us how to program robots using Python.  For those that don’t know Python, don’t be discouraged.  It is one of the easiest languages to pick up and the presentation is given so that anyone can start coding for our platforms.


Lecture 2: Sensors – 9/15 5pm BN326

Our next lecture will be given by Jimmy to cover the different sensors we use, and how they are used.  These cover namely vision and LADAR.


Lecture 1: Intro to Robotics – 9/8 5pm BN326

This monday will be the first in our new lecture series.  Given by Dr. Canfield, it will cover many different aspects of robotics.  Dr. Canfield has been in mechatronics for some time and is the advisor for TTU ARC.  Again, even if you aren’t in the robotics club, you are welcome to attend our lectures.  See you there!


Meeting Times

There are two meetings during the week that we have to cover information/discussion and to collectively work on the robot.  If you want to learn more about robotics, but don’t have time to make the work days, that’s ok.  You will still get a lot of good information from our lecture topics.  The work days are where we put the information to work and get to see the outcome.

Mondays at 5pm-6pm : brief overview of last week’s progress followed by that week’s lecture/discussion

Saturdays at 10am-6pm : Robot Saturday, work directly with the robot