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October 21, 2009 Meeting

October 21, 2009

Ben discussed the vision algorithm that is currently used.

Sat. Projects:
1. memory leak
2. encoders
3. waterproofing the atom
4. gps research
5. SICK and vision parallel

– Ashley


October 7, 2009 meeting notes

Saturday October 3, 2009 Workday:
Everyone worked on Andros. A problem with the control board was found. Also the bearings have been replaced and Andros is now ready for wheels and trac.

This coming Saturday projects:
work on camera, there is still an issue with the USB, and the control board bug

During the meeting we also talked about our “wishlist” that we will be presenting for 606 money.

__The Wishlist:__
1. USB Lidar $1175
2. I.M.U. $1495
3. New Atom $396
4. Tools $350
– Encoder board $110
– E-stop $50
– Cables $100
– Raw Mat. TechBot $700
– GPS $4600

After the meeting Ben Eckart gave a lecture on Intro to Python and Robotics Programming.
I believe he is posting his powerpoint presentation on the wikitdot. I am not sure though.

– Ashley


Sept. 30th meeting

We did not make a decision on whether we are going to work on Andros or Andros and Techbot. Then Dr. Canfield suggested that we separate each robot into little projects and whoever is interested can contact the leader of the project. If you are interested in becoming a leader of a project contact Tristan or Ben.

The current leaders

Mechanical Work- Tristan
Software- Ben

Mechanical- Tristan
Low-Level Control- Ben
High Level Control- Ben
Formulate Robot Control Architecture- Tristan
Sensors- Tristan

The leaders of these projects need to turn in to Timmy their 606 money requests by the end of Saturday.

If anyone is interested in advancing the algorithm used on the SICK lasers, that could be a project if you wanted to work on it.
Another project is syncing the SICK laser with the vision system.

If you are interested in a tutorial about the code on Andros, Ben is going to be at the lab at 10:00 Saturday to help those people.
A lecture will be given by Ben after the organizational meeting, next Wednesday. It will last about 45 minutes. The topic of this lecture is introduction to Python Programming. This is the type of programming used on Andros, so this will be very beneficial to new programmers.

– Ashley


ARC Officers

The 2009-2010 ARC officers are as follows:

President- Tristan Hill

Vice President – Marbin Pazos-Revilla

Chief Technical Officer- Benjamin Eckart

Treasurer- Timmy Smith

Publicity Director- Gerrit Coetzee

Secretary- Ashley Dishman