October 7, 2009 meeting notes

Saturday October 3, 2009 Workday:
Everyone worked on Andros. A problem with the control board was found. Also the bearings have been replaced and Andros is now ready for wheels and trac.

This coming Saturday projects:
work on camera, there is still an issue with the USB, and the control board bug

During the meeting we also talked about our “wishlist” that we will be presenting for 606 money.

__The Wishlist:__
1. USB Lidar $1175
2. I.M.U. $1495
3. New Atom $396
4. Tools $350
– Encoder board $110
– E-stop $50
– Cables $100
– Raw Mat. TechBot $700
– GPS $4600

After the meeting Ben Eckart gave a lecture on Intro to Python and Robotics Programming.
I believe he is posting his powerpoint presentation on the wikitdot. I am not sure though.

– Ashley

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