Informational/Research Lectures

Beginning September 8th, we will be hosting lectures on Mondays starting at 5pm.  The first set of lectures will be over the different aspects of our robotics approach.  Ranging from introductory, to low-level control and power, to sensors, to high-level navigation, each lecture will bring you up to speed on that area.  These are vital to any new members that may join.

Secondly, research lectures will begin afterwards to explore different topics.  These will range from stereo vision to machine learning.  These will be taught by students and faculty.

You are encouraged to attend these lectures, regardless of your area of expertise.  Gaining knowledge about a topic outside of your area/field strengthens your engineering skills and ability to communicate.

Each topic will be posted individually here, with a brief background to let you know what it’s about.  Hope to see you there.

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