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Dinner, Dive-in, and Drives 11/18

These are the slides for our bi-weekly python meeting on 11/18/2015


Lunch and Learn, October 29th 2015


Join us for Pizza & Drinks

Classified Information System Management

Brandon Sewall

General overview of the roles and responsibilities of an Information Systems Security Officer managing classified Information Systems as a government contractor

Thursday, October 29th Bruner 207, 11:00 AM

The First Dinner, Dive-ins, and Drives!

Come join us this Wednesday, September 23rd as we begin our series on learning the python scripting language.
This seminar will begin at 7:00 pm in Bruner 405.

Python is a very flexible, powerful, and useful language to know, especially for many of the InfoSec jobs out there today.
Read up and be amazed at all of the things python is used for

Still not convinced to come? We will have food there also!

Bettercap by Shritesh Bhattarai.

Come learn about Man In The Middle (MITM) attacks with our very own Shritesh Bhattarai.

Live demonstration using Bettercap on our own wireless network (connect at your own risk!).

Bettercap website


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